District of Columbia state: county pricing & list size for real estate email flyers

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A Real Estate Email Flyer Targeting Tip:

We support selecting agents in any number of counties as shown on this page.

However it is often less expensive and more effective to select agents nearest your listing (5 to 50 miles), as shown on the Bull's Eye Pricing page

Choose one or more counties below to see the price and agent county:

County Approx Agents, Cost Cities
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA county 11001 $14.37 to $57.50 (choose entire list of approx 4600 agents, or a prorated 50% or 25% random subset) including cities: Naval Anacost Annex DC, North Pole DC, Parcel Return Service DC, Washington DC, Washington Navy Yard DC

* ADD-ONs are counties with less than 500 agents, so the incremental cost to add them to an order is very small. The usual minimum order size $25.00 still applies, so if selecting a small county you might as well select more than one county.